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FLamazing Credit Repair

Credit Counseling Need Assessment Quiz

Here's a quiz designed to help you evaluate your need for our credit counseling services. Each question will have a point value, and the total score will indicate the level of need for credit counseling.

Answer the following questions honestly. At the end of the quiz, add up your points to see if you might benefit from credit counseling services.


  • 0-10 Points: Your financial situation appears to be stable. You may not need credit counseling at this time.

  • 11-15 Points: You have some financial concerns that could benefit from occasional financial advice or self-help resources.

  • 16-22 Points: You may be experiencing financial stress. Consider speaking with a credit counselor to explore your options.

  • 23-30 Points: Your financial situation seems challenging. Credit counseling services could help you develop a plan to manage your debt effectively.

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